• Save the Date

    for KidsFest:

    JUNE 15-19, 2020

    For Ages 4-11 @ Chapel Hill Bible Church

    Monday - Friday, June 15-19, 9 am - Noon.


    Check back here in March 2020 to learn more and register your kid(s).

  • Partner With Us!

    Serving in KidsFest is a great Gospel opportunity and a wonderful way to fulfill Psalm 78:4: “Tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” Below is info on camp and a list of available volunteer positions. To sign up for a position, fill out the input form following the roles. We hope you can join us!

    Head Coach (25-30 needed)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Oversee a particular age-group team of kids and lead them in all activities

    Assistant Coach (25-30 needed)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Assist the head coach in overseeing a team of kids and leading them in all activities

    Camper's Buddy (10-15)

    June 17-21, 7a-12:30p daily + precamp training

    Assist a child with special needs as needed on a particular age-group team of kids.

    Security Team (5-10)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Be present at all child locations to safeguard campers and help ensure that safety policies are being maintained

    Games Team (12-15)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Help game leader facilitate game time; other duties

    Water Team (3-5)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Provide water for kids during games; other duties TBD

    Snacks Team (3-5)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12p daily + pre-camp rehearsals

    Provide snacks for kids during games; other duties TBD

    Choreography Team (6-8)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12p daily + pre-camp rehearsals

    Lead campers in singing and hand motions during stage production’s worship segments

    Check-In/Out Attendant (6-10)

    June 17-21, 8a - 12:30p daily

    Help parents check in their kids at drop-off time; assist with parent ID verification at pick-up time

    Help Desk Attendant (3-5)

    June 17-21, 8 - 9:30a, 11:30a - 12:30p daily

    Assist parents with any administrative questions or issues

    Medical Attendant (1 per day)

    8:45a - 12p on designated day(s) you serve

    Provide professional medical attention to any child who gets sick or injured

    Construction Worker (5-10)

    June 10-16, as available

    Help construct the set onstage in the auditorium

    Decorator (5-10)

    June 10-16, as available

    Decorate main lobby and help prepare (i.e. paint, touch up) onstage set for camp

    Tech Support (2-3)

    June 17-21, 7am-12pm daily

    Assist media director with tech support for stage production components of camp

    Take Down Helper (10-20)

    June 21, 12-5pm as available

    Clean up after camp ends, helping to deconstruct stage set, store pieces, clean up other items, return building to Sunday morning readiness

    Photographer (2)

    June 17-21, 8:15a-12p daily

    Take photos of camp for Friday slide show and future promotional purposes

  • FAQ

    We've provided answers to some common questions below. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us at kidsfest@biblechurch.org.


    What will child check-in look like each day?

    On Monday, June 17, you may bring your child to the main lobby as early as 8:30 am. Because it will be the first day, please add extra time for check-in and expect a potentially longer wait in line than normal. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you at our automated check-in stations, where each child will receive a nametag to put on their clothing, and parents will receive a daily pickup ticket. (NOTE: For security purposes, the child nametag and parent pickup ticket have a matching security code that is randomly generated daily. In other words, the pickup ticket that worked to pick up your child on Monday will not be valid on any other day, etc.)


    Tuesday through Friday, the main lobby will open at 8:40 am, and you will still need to check in your child to receive the daily nametag and pickup ticket.


    Each day's program begins at 9 am in the auditorium, which is adjacent to the main lobby.

    When do I pick up my child from camp?

    Please plan to pick up your child promptly at 12 pm at the auditorium each day. For security reasons, there will be only one clearly marked point of entry into the auditorium where you must present your pickup ticket to enter. The safekeeping of a pickup ticket is the responsibility of each child’s parent/guardian. If you lose your pickup ticket, you will need to go to the Help Desk (located in the main lobby) and present your driver’s license or another valid form of ID that matches the name of the parent/guardian listed in our registration records to request a temporary pickup ticket. No child will be released without a valid pickup ticket that matches their child’s nametag. For child safety reasons, there are no exceptions to this policy.


    If you need to pick up your child early, please go to the Help Desk and be prepared to show your pickup ticket. Your child will be brought there and officially signed out to you upon identity confirmation through the nametag/pickup ticket system.

    Can I have someone else pick up my child from camp?

    Yes, but they must have the proper identification with them. This can be done in one of several ways:

    1. The most ideal option is for you to give your pickup ticket that matches your child’s name tag to the individual picking up your child so that they can present it upon their arrival. The safe transfer of a pickup ticket to a proxy is the responsibility of each child’s parent/guardian.
    2. You can take a photo of the pickup ticket on your smartphone and text it to the individual picking up your child so that they can show a photo of the ticket—and the confirmation that the text message came from you, the parent/guardian—upon their arrival. If you choose this option, please make sure to take a photo of the entire pickup ticket. If any vital information on the ticket cannot be clearly verified on the pickup individual’s phone, we will not release the child to the proxy.
    3. If neither of the above options are possible, you can leave your child’s pickup ticket with our Help Desk staff and give us the full name of the individual who will be picking up your child. We will write the proxy’s name on the pickup ticket and keep it stored safely at camp until pickup time. At that time, we will ask for a valid photo ID from the proxy to confirm their identity before giving the pickup ticket to them.

    If someone comes to pick up your child and does not meet one of the criteria listed above, we will keep your child in our care and contact you at the phone number(s) supplied to us during the registration process to find a solution to safely return the child to you. This might require you to change your plans and pick up the child yourself.

    What should my child bring to camp?

    The kids will participate in active outdoor games during the week. They should wear comfortable shirts, shorts and athletic shoes.


    Children should not bring items that they need to carry (e.g. bags, purses, iPods, video games, etc.) since they will be distractions and could very easily become lost during the course of the morning. The KidsFest staff and Chapel Hill Bible Church assume no liability for any child’s lost personal items. If your child needs to have an item with them for medical reasons (e.g. EpiPen), you can check these items into the medical station in the morning (see below).

    What games do the kids play?

    Throughout the week, kids will compete in a variety of fun, age-appropriate outdoor group games. Our 2018 games are yet to be determined, but they typically consist of lots of relay races, etc. They often involve water.

    Is this a special needs-friendly camp?

    Yes, Chapel Hill Bible Church seeks to foster an environment of inclusion for children of all abilities. During the registration process, we will ask you to fill out a brief intake form in order for us to understand your child’s needs better.

    Do you have a medical station on the premises?

    Yes, each day there will be a certified medical professional onsite to treat any injuries or illnesses. The medical station will be located in the library, which is adjacent to the main lobby.

    Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

    We welcome parents to watch their kids participate in the camp. For safety reasons, we ask that you have your child pickup ticket with you at all times. If one of our security staff asks you to present your pickup ticket and you do not have it, we will ask you to go to the Help Desk and have a new ticket issued (with the proper identification), or leave the property.


    If you are interested in watching the stage production portion of camp in the auditorium, you will be asked to present your pickup ticket at the entrance door. We ask that you watch the program from the parent seating section in the back of the auditorium and let your child remain with his/her camp group. This is critical in helping us maintain order during the program and helping our volunteers keep proper oversight and headcount of their teams.