• Save the Date

    for KidsFest

    JUNE 17-21, 2019

    For Ages 4-11 @ Chapel Hill Bible Church

    Monday - Friday, June 17-21, 9 am - Noon

    • Open discounted, early-bird registration for parents who sign up to serve on March 17
    • Registration OPEN to public on March 31.

    Check back here on March 31st to register your child(ren).

  • Partner with us for Kidsfest & your kid(s) get in at $10/off

    $15/child instead of $25/child

    From MARCH 17-30, you can receive a $10-per-child discount if you sign up to serve as a volunteer for camp. The window for this closes in two weeks before registration opens to everyone on March 31st, so don't delay.

  • Partner With Us!

    Serving in KidsFest is a great Gospel opportunity and a wonderful way to fulfill Psalm 78:4: “Tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” Below is info on camp and a list of available volunteer positions. To sign up for a position, fill out the input form following the roles. We hope you can join us!

    Head Coach (25-30 needed)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Oversee a particular age-group team of kids and lead them in all activities

    Assistant Coach (25-30 needed)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Assist the head coach in overseeing a team of kids and leading them in all activities

    Camper's Buddy (10-15)

    June 17-21, 7a-12:30p daily + precamp training

    Assist a child with special needs as needed on a particular age-group team of kids.

    Security Team (5-10)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Be present at all child locations to safeguard campers and help ensure that safety policies are being maintained

    Games Team (12-15)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Help game leader facilitate game time; other duties

    Water Team (3-5)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12:30p daily + pre-camp training

    Provide water for kids during games; other duties TBD

    Choreography Team (6-8)

    June 17-21, 7a - 12p daily + pre-camp rehearsals

    Lead campers in singing and hand motions during stage production’s worship segments

    Check-In/Out Attendant (6-10)

    June 17-21, 8a - 12:30p daily

    Help parents check in their kids at drop-off time; assist with parent ID verification at pick-up time

    Help Desk Attendant (3-5)

    June 17-21, 8 - 9:30a, 11:30a - 12:30p daily

    Assist parents with any administrative questions or issues

    Medical Attendant (1 per day)

    8:45a - 12p on designated day(s) you serve

    Provide professional medical attention to any child who gets sick or injured

    Construction Worker (5-10)

    June 10-16, as available

    Help construct the set onstage in the auditorium

    Decorator (5-10)

    June 10-16, as available

    Decorate main lobby and help prepare (i.e. paint, touch up) onstage set for camp

    Tech Support (2-3)

    June 17-21, 7am-12pm daily

    Assist media director with tech support for stage production components of camp

    Take Down Helper (10-20)

    June 21, 12-5pm as available

    Clean up after camp ends, helping to deconstruct stage set, store pieces, clean up other items, return building to Sunday morning readiness

    Photographer (2)

    June 17-21, 8:15a-12p daily

    Take photos of camp for Friday slide show and future promotional purposes